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Create your own high jewelry piece with Liza Borzaya
Get to know our brand, starting with the workshop. Creative director Lisa Borzaya will show the current jewelry collections, explain the techniques used and discuss your design options. Bespoke orders can either be based on existing Liza Borzaya designs or created from scratch especially for you. Whether you have the smallest spark of an idea or know exactly what you want, we will form a creative partnership that brings into the world a beautiful work of art with its own special personality and history.
Within a week of your meeting, Lisa Borzaya and her artists will provide you with a few design sketches. These will reflect not only the technical capabilities of the workshop, but also various ways in which we can bring your ideas to life. After choosing your favorite design, we'll create a model so you can get a clear idea of what the final design will look like.
Absolutely all aspects of the jewelry production — from metal casting to painting on hot enamel andsetting stones — are hand-crafted in our own workshop. When creating prototypes and working with innovative materials, special equipment is used.
The wax prototype accurately represents the design of the product; it is full-sized, but monochrome. The malleability of the material allows necessary adjustments to the size and fit of the product. For particularly complex orders, jewelers recast the model in silver to ensure the accuracy of the design and the correct color choice.
The final product
The finished product will be delivered in original Liza Borzaya packaging with its own serial number, certificate of authenticity, guarantee and care recommendations.
Additional features
Customize any of our ready pieces
All Liza Borzaya jewelry presented on the site can be changed or supplemented at the request of the client.
Watch high jewelry
Create a piece of jewelry with your stone
Any of the existing products of Liza Borzaya, as well as individual projects can be performed using your stone.
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Placing a bespoke order with Liza Borzaya is a one-of-a-kind experience, where the client is at the heart of the creative journey. A talented designer and dedicated guide, Liza Borzaya gives life to the client’s desires in the form of a unique fine jewellery piece fusing cutting-edge design with exceptional craftsmanship.
Some of the individual order ideas have enabled new jewelry to be born, which are available to customers all over the world.
Серьги «Пальмы»
Белое и желтое золото 750 пробы, 398 бриллиантов полной круглой огранки, 1,41 карата, F-G/VVS-VS, 2 изумруда восьмигранной огранки. Вес - 19,53 г.
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Наладонный браслет «Соты»
Белое золото 750 пробы, бриллианты огранки «багет», «груша» и «круг».
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Кольцо «Черный Чеширский кот»
Желтое и белое золото, кабошон спессартин, бриллианты, гильошированная горячая эмаль.
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