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High jewelry
Sixxy Collection
Some precious stones carry such a strong energy that they dictate the design and inspire entire collections. This happened, for example, with our Sixxy sautoir, the central stone of which was one the clearest six-sided Colombian emeralds in existence. The wonderful result made it such an obvious decision to add other jewelry including our signature product, the palm bracelet, to the Sixxy collection.
Сотуар-трансформер «Соты»
Белое золото 750 пробы, изумруд 12,05 карат огранки «гексагон», оттенка vivid green, бриллианты огранки «груша» и «круг».
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Наладонный браслет «Соты»
Белое золото 750 пробы, бриллианты огранки «багет», «груша» и «круг».
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